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Doug Morris, CEO and FounderDoug Morris, CEO and Founder, has over 30 years experience in the telecommunications, components, battery, and energy storage industry. Prior to working at Polaris Labs, Doug was Vice President of Operations at Enevate, a developer of advanced silicon anodes for smart phone applications, where he was responsible for supply chain, quality and manufacturing for the company. Doug has also held various executive, management, and engineering positions over his 21 year career with Motorola where he was Vice President and Director of Engineering, Quality, and Supply Chain Management for the Energy Systems Group. Doug was also a founder of Motorola’s Product Testing Services business, and established EnerSol Consulting Services in 2003.

Doug has been awarded 5 patents, with an additional 4 patents pending, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Physics from Sonoma State University.

Doug’s interests are skiing in winter, cycling in summer, and he is a die-hard Blazer’s fan.

Curtiss Renn, Senior ScientistCurtiss Renn, Senior Scientist, and all around super guy without whom Polaris Labs could not exist. Dr. Renn brings many years of experience and scientific knowledge in the areas of nanotechnology, chemical engineering and analysis, electrochemical methodologies, and more. In the past, Curtiss has held the positions of Senior Scientist at ReVolt Technology, Senior Scientist at IdaTech, Senior Chemist at ReyTech, R&D Manager at Perstorp AB. Dr. Renn obtained his PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 1991 from the University of Washington.

Curtiss is a phenomenal chef, and believes any chemist worth his salt also knows how to cook. We may not be able to whip up a tasty salmon barbecue like he can, but we are glad he shares his handiwork in the break room!

To read more about Dr. Renn, visit his Linked In site here…

Nick Gurnon, ScientistNick Gurnon, Scientist, comes to Polaris Battery Labs with over 15 years of research work experience. He has worked for Solar World as a Graduate Student Researcher, as an award winning Scientist III in Analytical R&D for Targacept, and as a Sr. Associate Scientist in Analytical R&D with Pfizer Global, among other research related positions. He was formerly a Transitional Fellow with the Center or Sustainable Materials Chemistry and a Member of the Student Council on Innovation at the University of Oregon. Nick earned a BS in Chemistry from Bates College and his MS in Semiconductor Device Processing from the University of Oregon.

Nick is a teacher of Muy Thai boxing and father to an amazingly cute little girl. We are very fortunate to have Nick on our team, and we think you will agree when you meet him!

David Kelly, Process EngineerDavid Kelly, Process Engineer, originally joined Polaris Battery Labs having previously provided engineering solutions for various firms (including Intel) where he managed the design, development, testing, and release of multiple products.

In an effort to shift his career focus, he returned to school and earned a BS in Renewable Energy Engineering at Oregon Institute of Technology, and then rejoined us here at Polaris. We are happy to have him back.

Outside the office, David enjoys many sports (Go Blazers!), learning new languages, and travel, having traveled to over 15 different countries on 5 continents.

Danielle Vournas, Lab TechDanielle Vournas, Lab Technician, comes to Polaris as a graduate student seeking a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Portland State University. She is also working concurrently on a BS in Renewable Energy Engineering from Oregon Institute of Technology, and has a BA in Economics from Portland State University. Her coursework is in Electrochemistry, Fuel Cells, Batteries and Photovoltaics (PV) for Developing Countries, and Materials for Renewable Energy Applications.

She has experience designing and installing off-grid solar PV installations in Peru with Solar Hope. She has served as COO for her Graduate Student Organization, and is a member of Engineering Honors Society, IEEE, and ISA. She has served as internal expert on a DOE Solid State Lighting Program for a marketing firm. At OIT she developed a digital control scheme using synchrophasor data to implement generator droop control on a microgrid.
Polaris is happy to have Danielle as an intern as she brings business world savvy and hands on capabilities to the lab.

To read more about Danielle Vournas, visit her Linked In site here…

Jim Wilferling, Lab TechJim Wilferling, Lab Technician, joins Polaris as an engineering student at Oregon Institute of Technology. He is currently seeking a BS in Renewable Energy Engineering. Among other subjects, he has completed coursework in electrochemistry, electrical engineering, power systems, alternative energy sources, and 3D printing. He has served as President of the OIT Print 3D Club, and as an officer In the Associated Students of OIT-W and OIT Inventors Club, and was Communications Team Lead for TECH Talks Symposium.

His projects have included work on a PWM single-phase square wave inverter, a dual-extruder reprat 3D printer, a 3D printed water electrolysis hydrogen generator, 3D printed iron-chromium redox flow batteries, 50-100-200 Ohm 3-phase resistive load bank for microgrid simulations.
Jim brings real world knowledge of 3D CAD design, lab management, fused-filament deposition, and an inventive spirit when it comes to new projects and materials.

To read more about Jim Wilferling, visit his Linked In site here…

Kellye Just, Computer supportKellye Just, Computer Support, joined the Polaris team from EnerSol, Inc where she managed IT and designed websites for startup energy technology companies. Prior to EnerSol, she was a computer systems administrator for the University of New Mexico Engineering Research Institute in Albuquerque, NM; an independent programmer; and a software engineer for Storage Technology Corporation in Louisville, Colorado.

Kellye has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Colorado State University, with a focused background in Physics and Mathematics.

Kellye’s interests include all outdoor sports and Curtiss’s culinary masterpieces.

Felix, Office DogFelix, Office Dog, has been with Polaris since November 2015. He spent his first year of training as a Home Dog, earning the prestigious Attaboy Award, and earning numerous milk bone treats as a result of his ongoing studies. He loves his job as Morale Officer and is extremely gentle with newcomers, greeting them with a dignified smile and a wag. He has been adept at liaising with the local wildlife as well, and our visual for him is a sharply upward sloping graph showing continued skills acquirement and progressive growth. We are pleased to have him on the team.