Our Services

Polaris can provide the following services


    Prepare and process anode and cathode electrodes with emphasis on material processing, mixing, and coating.


    Prototype lithium ion stack pouch cell assemblies in a wide range of sizes. Our standard line is for consumer portables and can be tooled for sizes up to EV batteries.


    Standard electrical testing (voltage, current, impedance,and capacity) done on-site. Reliability, and safety testing done through partners.


    Advisory services for battery companies include strategy, operations, and engineering.


    Polaris is now positioned to offer low cost sales of laboratory equipment through our Asian manufacturing partners. We offer this service as a means of helping you prepare materials research for full cell builds. Our goal is to save you money in research costs and advance your research to the point of being able to do meaningful cell builds, not to sell quantities of equipment. Please understand we do not engage large orders.
    Download a .pdf list of available equipment and pricing here.
    Or, for data sheets, go to our Sourcing page here.


    We offer direct links to high volume production cell assembly and coating companies to speed your technology toward commercialization.


We prepare your company for presentation to the larger battery market.


We don’t want your company, just your business!

Polaris Battery Labs offers full cell processing capabilities with testing and advisory services. We connect you to other vital businesses in the battery industry, and help speed your technology through the many stages to market. We help you prototype; optimize your technology for your investors and customers; and prepare for volume production.

Best of all, unlike some other labs, we won’t ask you to sign over your IP rights. We don’t want your company, just your business!