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Polaris Battery Labs offers your business services in all 4 phases of battery research and development. We welcome most chemistries.

Phase I.) Early Li-ion technology design and optimization.

Early design can include:

  • Material Characterization
  • Cell Assembly- coin and half cell sizes
  • Rheological studies
  • In-plane and thru-plane analysis
  • SEM
  • Prototyping
  • Consultation in all phases of the design stage


Phase II.) Initial cell development.

  • Proof of Concept
  • Ingredients and Recipe Research
  • Mix methods
  • Coating methods
  • Testing
  • Initial single layer and half cell builds
  • Electrode property characterizations
  • Consultation


Phase III.) Full Cell development.

  • Studies of separator, electrolyte, pouch packaging, welding
  • Initial builds of coin cells, single layer, and nonstandard size cells
  • Multi-layer cell construction and analysis
  • Testing
  • Specialized tooling
  • Consultation in all phases of the design stage


Phase IV.) Product Development

  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Custom Sizes
  • Scale up for production level transfer
  • Connecting you with manufacturers, toll coaters, large volume producers

Throughout all phases of bringing your technology to market, Polaris provides consultation in

  • Business Development
  • Due diligence for Investors
  • Networking and Connecting you to providers in the battery world

We also provide services such as

  • Expert Witnesses
  • Patent Writing
  • Training- We bring your employees into our lab for hands-on training
  • Sourcing lab equipment, electrodes, welding and pouch materials, foils
  • We can provide you with our baseline electrodes for control studies

Our lab is open to you and your clients. Call for an appointment to tour the lab or to make use of our equipment for your project.

Our team of experts can discuss tooling specialized equipment to suit your battery technology needs, or we can put you in touch with some of our own resources for equipment and materials if you want to set up your own specialized lab.

While you will find our lab clean, organized, safety-minded, and comprehensive to most Li-ion chemistries, it is our team of experts that comprise the heart of Polaris Battery Labs. Meet us here, and click on our Linked-In links to find out more.

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