Polaris Battery Labs

Polaris Battery Labs is a sample making and test lab for lithium ion batteries. Our goal: to accelerate commercialization of new technologies by offering our lab facilities, advisory services, and more to developers and start up companies.

PolarisStar30x30What We Do

We provide laboratory facilities for companies with new lithium ion battery technologies to facilitate making product samples. We assist with analysis, prototyping, and testing. We help establish industry connections.
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PolarisStar30x30Our Facilities

Polaris Battery Labs offers leading edge, customizable equipment; full access to your proprietary, secured data; and an individualized process specifically designed to your recipe.
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PolarisStar30x30Our Partners

We help your company identify OEM’s wishing to incorporate new technologies into their consumer, vehicle, and industrial products. We introduce your start up to a vital network of battery industries.
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Polaris Battery Labs is ready to serve your battery company. Come by for a tour of our laboratory!