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Polaris Battery Labs provides services in the development of next generation Lithium-ion battery technologies to Startups, OEMs. and research laboratories. We provide consultation in all areas of cell design, technological development, and business development. Polaris recognizes three main phases on the path to bringing a next-generation technology to market.:

Early Cell design

Pre-production cell design

Product development

Where are you on the pathway to commercialization of your technology?


Early Cell/Material Design

Proof of Concept
Material and Rheology studies
Electrode development
Coin and half-cell assembly
Conductivity in-/through plane studies
SEM imaging and analysis
Slurry formulation development
Coating processes and methods


Pre-Production Development

Cell design
Further electrode development
Cell assembly process development
Cell assembly, formats:
     Coin (2032)
     Single and multilayer pouch
     Baseline size 57x40 mm
     Custom sizes, 1cm2 to 30cm2


Product Development

Full cell prototyping
Full size cell construction
Process scale up to volume
Product and application testing


Other Services We Offer

Due diligence
Expert Witness
Patent writing
Battery market information
Sourcing of suppliers, equipment makers, materials

Consulting and professional advice

Consulting for Your Business

Our team of experts offers both technical expertise and marketing savvy based on decades of experience in the battery industry. Chances are, if we can't help you, we can introduce you to someone who can.
Explore the categories below to see some of the services we offer

The rechargeable battery market is unlike any other industry. Next generation solutions are pressing and vital to continued growth of many offshoot markets--portables, electric vehicles, grid storage. The Polaris team understands the trends associated with the rapidly changing rechargeable market, knows the players, and can give informed advice.

We work with your investors, helping to streamline your working relationship. We know what investors want to see in

Performing Due Diligence
Writing business plans

We can also make introductions and assist in networking.

Let us make introductions to strategic partners for your business--For example partners in Supply Chain:

Toll Coating
Pouch materials

Or parties interested in

Using your technology in their end products

Your technology may work well in the lab, but will it easily scale up to production volumes? Are you set to put together a pilot line? We can help. We have put together pilot lines, and we know the ins and outs of scaling up.

Have you identified who will purchase your technology, and have introductions been made to those groups? Again, Polaris has connections and can make introductions for you.

Patent writing and patent searches are laborious and can be tricky. Our consultants have experience in writing patents as well as in doing thorough patent searches to safeguard your technology.

Our scientists and chemists have served as expert witnesses in national cases. We perform blind studies for due diligence and present results for trial situations as well as for investors seeking proof of concept and proof of performance.

Consulting for your Technology

Our team of experts offers both technical expertise and marketing savvy based on decades of experience in the battery industry. Chances are, if we can't help you, we can introduce you to someone who can.

Analyses in

Electrical performance testing
Cross section
Through- and in-plane
Cell autopsy

Through our partners we offer

X-Ray diffraction
Impedance Spectroscopy

We excel in mix technologies and our set of uniquely designed coater equipment is adaptable to a variety of chemistries. Let our experts advise you on the possibilities of numerous mix and coat regimes.
Polaris can help meet your unique processing needs. We provide unique tooling design as well as engineering studies on welding, stacking, pouching, electrolyte fill and other processes for cell sizes ranging from 1 cm^2 to 30 cm^2.
We can assist in cell design and cell modeling. Our chemists have worked with a variety of chemical components and configurations. We can delve into what makes your particular cell technology work, and how to improve its performance.
Like patent searches, literature searches can be laborious and time consuming, but necessary. Having thorough technical information makes your ideas stronger. Polaris scientists ask the right questions, know the most useful keywords and authors, and get meaningful answers for your research.
We train your staff in our lab or yours. Polaris Battery labs offers tutorials in

Cell design
Mix techniques
Coat techniques
Cell assembly
Cell autopsy

We individualize the training to your specific technology.

Sourcing--Helping you find the quality materials and equipment you need.


Let us put you in touch with the clients we work with to find the best fit in cell components and materials for your technology. We use several suppliers of foils, electrolytes, separators, tabs, pouch materials, and more.


Polaris has contacts who can outfit your lab with equipment specific to low volume battery making. If you want to augment your lab or if you want to put together a full lab, Polaris can send you to the best choices in equipment suppliers for your application.

separator material

Our consultants can recommend industry standard supplies and machinery to augment your chemistry and your lab.

Partners and Clients We Work With

Polaris believes collaboration among sources and suppliers gets you to your goal faster. Here are some of our trusted partners.

Meet Our Amazing Team

While Polaris Battery Labs has a fantastic, clean, and comprehensive laboratory to make your ideas a reality, it is our amazing team that really makes Polaris so effective, friendly, and capable.
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