Our Amazing Team

While Polaris Battery Labs has a clean and comprehensive laboratory to make your ideas a reality, it is our amazing team that really makes Polaris so effective, friendly, and capable. Meet us here.


Doug Morris



tel: +1 678.591.1171

Bachelor's Degree in Physics from Sonoma State University, California, and several US Patents and patent awards. Doug’s expertise, with over thirty years of battery experience, is in Business Development. Doug is the heart and soul of Polaris, and sets the amiable culture for the lab and office.

Nicholas J. Gurnon

Nicholas J. Gurnon

Senior Scientist

MS in Chemistry with a focus on Semiconductor Device Processing from the University of Oregon. Nick has extensive experience in novel materials characterization, electrode formulation development, slurry engineering, cell building, and testing. He joined the Polaris team in 2014. Outside of work he enjoys live music and adventures with his family. From time to time, Nick must return to his native New England to recharge.


David Kelly

Senior Development Engineer

BS in Renewable Energy from Oregon Institute of Technology. David's expertise includes cell design, assembly processes, and the intricacies of testing untried materials. David enjoys international travel and brings us back tales of wonder.


Gerald Corsiglia


MS in Chemistry, University of Missouri, expertise in mix, coat and cell assembly. Gerald is a valuable addition to the team. He also has the amazing skill of being able to out-eat everyone in the lab...everyone, altogether, at one sitting, any meal, any time.

Christian Diaz

Christian Diaz

Process Engineer

BS in Applied Physics from Portland State University. Christian has been in batteries since 2015, was a startup researcher for 2 years and comes to us with excellent references and wonderful praise offered by many of our clients. He loves sailing and, true to his Portland heritage, IPA beers.

Colin Hiatt.jpg

Colin Hiatt


MS in Chemistry from Portland State University. Colin comes to Polaris with 7 years of lab experience and is a formidable presence in getting things DONE. He is also a Dark Souls gamer and a guitarist. His favorite beverage is fine Scotch, neat.

Nolan-Headshot Wall Edit

Nolan Morris

Design Engineer

BS in Industrial Design from the Art Institute of Portland, Nolan's focus is on rapid design and implementation of customized tooling. With 5+ years of professional experience designing in Solidworks, there isn't much he can't make. He also enjoys a snowy mountain and running with his dogs in the summer.


Alisha Ortiz

Chemical Lab Technician

B.S in Chemistry & Mathematics, Portland State University. Alisha’s previous work has encompassed aerosol, analytical and atmospheric chemistry- focused on the degradation products formed from vaporization and thermolysis reactions. She comes to Polaris with a passion for physical and electro chemistry and is affectionally known as the “lab gremlin.” Aside from research, she enjoys horror games, DnD, & Magic the Gathering. Her other interests include gardening, cooking and she is an award-winning pie baker. Baking is the chemistry where you get to lick the spoon after all!

Karie Madrid Bio Picture

Karie Madrid

Chemical Lab Technician

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California San Diego. Karie comes to Polaris from a background working in various labs, primarily in the biotech industry, hoping to translate both her bench skills and design experience into the renewables industry. Outside of work, she's the proud parent of two Ragdoll mixes, a Husky mix, a Syrian hamster and an Indian Star tortoise. When she's not with her pets, she can often be found at the local bouldering gyms, her CrossFit gym or out wandering nature.

Bio Picture

Rachel Conover

Chemical Lab Technician

B.S. in Microbiology from Oregon State University. She has diverse experience that she has applied at Polaris to help implement new processes. She is frequently found hiking and at various plant shops around Portland



Office Dog

Office Dog, winner of the prestigious Attaboy Award, as well as First Prize Holder in the brat eating contest. Felix focuses on morale and greeting guests with a friendly wag. He specializes in playing chase around the tables. Just TRY to catch him!