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This service is for you if you need help outside of just making cells. You might be an industry newcomer seeking to understand how things work around here, or an established company looking for in-depth reports or a long-term research partner.

Polaris has been in the cell business for over a decade, so we know a thing or two about this industry.

Our technical expertise and business insights will help you either find your feet or stand your ground in the world of batteries.

When we consult with you, we share the knowledge we’ve gained from prototyping and testing thousands of cells over the years. There are a lot of pitfalls on the road to building successful cells and a thriving business. Let us help you steer around them.

We offer Business Consulting and Technical Consulting.

Examples of Business Consulting:

  • Investment Guidance

    We identify the best companies for you to invest in. This may include autopsying, cycling cells, and reviewing where companies are in terms of development.

  • Startup Guidance

    We help you prepare for investor discussions about your new business. We can also help you figure out the next steps in your startup journey.

  • Newcomer Guidance

    We educate you about the world of cells and give you a thorough understanding of how the industry works so you can navigate it with ease.

Examples of Technical Consulting:

  • Cell Modeling

    This includes us doing calculations for you and advising you on cell design.

  • Formal Reports

    These are deep-dive reports that provide more background and are intended for publishing.

  • Literature Searches

    These are often included as an add-on in projects, but we can also provide them separately.

  • Research Contracts

    These typically last 6 months and include cell builds plus extensive input from our scientists.

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Success stories

Science is nothing without proof.
So here are some testimonials from our customers.

“Their team has shown a deep knowledge of the battery market and technical knowledge. We really appreciated the practical knowledge Polaris brings… It goes beyond academics. Their team-based approach also brings numerous perspectives and offers unique and creative ideas to develop new solutions and solve problems. They were always highly responsive with timely feedback to questions and requests and possessed a good balance of attention to detail with the ability to move quickly towards commercialization.”

– Tier 1 Material Developer

“These guys have been great! Fast, economical, and extraordinarily helpful. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.”

– Jeff Arias, Sienza Energy

“Doug and the Polaris team have deep technical expertise and experience in electrode processing and cell fabrication that they use to help their clients rapidly advance their businesses. They also work tirelessly to support their clients in a responsive, professional way. Polaris helped Natron Energy develop our first pilot-scale electrode manufacturing processes so that we could rapidly grow its business and take our first product into production. We look forward to working with Polaris again.”

– Colin Wessells, CEO, Natron Energy

“As we were exploring the viability and potential benefits associated with our new Li-ion related technology, we greatly appreciated the technical depth, collaboration and rapid prototyping/testing capability that the Polaris Team contributed to our efforts.”

– Eric Gaver, New Business Development, GORE

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Whether you know exactly what you need, or you’ve never done this before, we’ll plot your route to commercialization.