No company is an island

Meet our partners

We work with outstanding industry partners who can take the wheel when our role is done or if your needs fall outside our waters. We’ll always point you in the best direction so you can make the right connections for your journey onwards.

Electrode Toll Coaters

If you need very large quantities of electrodes, or your electrodes have specialty manufacturing needs, we can hook you up with our specialist partners.

Kodak, Mirwec, and Covaris offer toll (contract) coating and mixing of electrodes. They also work with specialty chemicals and provide analytical services.

Kodak has been our partner for over a decade. They do pilot and full-production coating and calendaring. Our work with them mainly focuses on bringing new formulations into production.

Lab, Pilot, and Production Equipment

If you’re developing advanced cells, producing large quantities of cells, or need pilot lines, we can advise you on design and equipment purchasing. 

Then we’ll connect you with equipment companies that can provide you with individual machines and full lab solutions. 

They include Felix Machines, Continuum Power Solutions, and Manz, as well as specialized machine suppliers Anton Paar, Hauschild, Applied Spectra, and Pulsenics.

Battery Packs

If you’re interested in developing battery packs, awesome! We’re here to work on your cell-level chemistries and designs, but we can introduce you to FUCO Battery for full packs. 

FUCO Battery is a Taiwanese company with over 30 years’ experience developing battery packs and chargers for EV, industrial, and consumer products in small to mid-sized markets.

Raw Materials

If you need battery materials for use in R&D projects or for pilot production, you’ll benefit from our direct links to world-class raw material suppliers. 

They include graphite sources such as Superior Graphite , Syrah, and Anovion. Then there’s BASF and Celgard, distributors such as Targray, and multiple Chinese component suppliers.

Analytical Support

We use advanced analytical tests where appropriate and we have strong links with highly capable labs. They include CAMCOR at the University of Oregon, Energy Assurance, and EAG.

These partners can handle application testing for your cells and packs, agency approvals (such as UL and UNDOT safety tests), and support for graphite assessments.

Start your journey today

Whether you know exactly what you need, or you’ve never done this before, we’ll plot your route to commercialization.