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Cell Builds and Testing

This service is for you if you’re in an exploratory phase, trying to figure out if your idea will work. You need to learn more about your material, make some prototypes, and put them to the acid test (pun very much intended). We can do that for you.

Cell builds and testing is a major step on your journey to commercialization.

Why? Because it lets you demonstrate your product in action — and that’s your ticket to attracting buyers for your electrochemically awesome product.

Put us at the helm for this stage of your battery journey and you’ll gain our expertise and insider knowledge: We know what tests you need and we know what OEMs want. That means we can align our tests with OEM specs to help you get the sale.

We build coin cells, 3-electrode cells, and pouch cells with custom sizing. And we don’t shy away from a challenge. We love tackling new materials and building next-gen cells.

Here’s how we typically do Cell Builds and Testing:

  1. Rheology

    We study the flow behavior of slurries containing your material. This ensures your material is suitable for coating electrodes.

  2. Mixing and Coating

    We make the slurry and use it to coat the electrodes that will power your cells.

  3. Building and Testing

    • We build half cells (coin cells) to test individual electrode performance. We iterate until we’re happy with the performance.
    • We build full cells (pouch cells) to test full-cell performance. Again, we iterate until the performance is right on.
    • We build multilayer cells (pouch again) with larger capacities and test for specific applications.

Want to see our cell builders and testers in action?

Success stories

Science is nothing without proof.
So here are some testimonials from our customers.

“Their team has shown a deep knowledge of the battery market and technical knowledge. We really appreciated the practical knowledge Polaris brings… It goes beyond academics. Their team-based approach also brings numerous perspectives and offers unique and creative ideas to develop new solutions and solve problems. They were always highly responsive with timely feedback to questions and requests and possessed a good balance of attention to detail with the ability to move quickly towards commercialization.”

– Tier 1 Material Developer

“These guys have been great! Fast, economical, and extraordinarily helpful. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.”

– Jeff Arias, Sienza Energy

“Doug and the Polaris team have deep technical expertise and experience in electrode processing and cell fabrication that they use to help their clients rapidly advance their businesses. They also work tirelessly to support their clients in a responsive, professional way. Polaris helped Natron Energy develop our first pilot-scale electrode manufacturing processes so that we could rapidly grow its business and take our first product into production. We look forward to working with Polaris again.”

– Colin Wessells, CEO, Natron Energy

“As we were exploring the viability and potential benefits associated with our new Li-ion related technology, we greatly appreciated the technical depth, collaboration and rapid prototyping/testing capability that the Polaris Team contributed to our efforts.”

– Eric Gaver, New Business Development, GORE

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Whether you know exactly what you need, or you’ve never done this before, we’ll plot your route to commercialization.