Materials Manufacturers

You’ve got a material that you know could go in a battery.
You’d love to sell it to one of the big OEMs, but how the heck do you go about doing that?

Maybe you already took it to an OEM, and they sent you away (or straight to us!). That’s because OEMs only take materials that have gone through the right tests and have the right data. 

Lucky for you we’re HUGE battery nerds. Thanks to our giant brains and strong relationships with OEMs, we know exactly what services will give your material the best chance of getting into batteries and onto your revenue sheet.

Polaris Battery Labs Services

Our services cover the full R&D journey for your materials and cells. But they don’t always happen in isolation. Cell Builds might also involve Process Engineering and maybe a dash of Consulting.

Talk to us and we’ll mix up the right recipe for your project.

Start your journey today

Whether you know exactly what you need, or you’ve never done this before, we’ll plot your route to commercialization.