Hey, fellow nerds! You’ve got ALL the battery knowledge. But even though you’re as deep into the world of cells as we are, you don’t always have the time to test and develop materials for your own projects.

And as more and more third-party companies queue up to sell you their materials and cells, evaluating them all can take a huge bite out of your precious resources. 

We love taking those tasks off your plate and giving you the data that helps you decide which projects, materials, and companies are worth pursuing. We’ve got the equipment, capabilities, and expertise you need. So let’s talk, battery scientist to battery scientist.

Polaris Battery Labs Services

Our services cover the full R&D journey for your materials and cells. But they don’t always happen in isolation. Cell Builds might also involve Process Engineering and maybe a dash of Consulting.

Talk to us and we’ll mix up the right recipe for your project.

Start your journey today

Whether you know exactly what you need, or you’ve never done this before, we’ll plot your route to commercialization.