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Our Mission

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The North Star Polaris has been used for centuries as a navigation tool to guide explorers to their destination. At Polaris Battery Labs we have the same vision in mind.

We are committed to helping battery material developers large and small realize the full potential for their products and expedite the path to their destination, commercialization. In addition to our basic cell building services, our team of experts offers both technical expertise and marketing savvy based on decades of experience in the battery industry. We are able to provide assistance to everything from the basics of cell design and testing to the complex supply relationships in the battery industry. Chances are, if we can’t help you directly, we can introduce you to someone who can! Learn more about our scientists or check out a description of some of our services below.

Our Services

Our team of experts offers both technical expertise and marketing savvy based on decades of experience in the battery industry. Chances are, if we can't help you, we can introduce you to someone who can. Explore the categories below to see some of the services we offer

Research, Builds and Testing

Our skilled staff is experienced in nearly every aspect of battery development. We offer a wide range of services covering standard builds to custom sizes from 1-30 cm2 with unique materials from graphite, silicon, lithium metal, and more. 

Networking and Introductions

The Polaris team understands the trends associated with the rapidly changing rechargeable market, knows the players, and can give informed advice. Let us make introductions to strategic partners for your business. Whether it's identifying a scale up partner or someone interested in using your battery in their end product we can help!

Expert Witness and Due Diligence

We perform blind studies for due diligence and present results for trial situations as well as for investors seeking proof of concept and proof of performance. In addition, we can offer technical literature searchers, advice on business plans and business models, and more.

How can we help?

Our services can be fully customizable to meet your needs wherever you are in development. Here are just some of the many services we offer.

Polaris Commercialization Path-1
  • Rheology studies
  • Conductivity in-/through-plane studies
  • Percolation Studies
  • SEM Imaging and Analysis
  • Slurry Development
  • Coating Processes and Methods
  • Calendaring Studies
  • Cell Design (Half Cell, Full Cell, Multilayer)
  • Cell Assembly (Coin, Swagelok, Single/Multilayer Pouch with custom sizing available)
  • Cell Assembly
  • Process Development
  • Cycling protocol development
  • Long term cycling, c-rate, capacity testing, etc
  • Tear down and Autopsy
  • Process scale-up to volume
  • Product application testing
  • Due Diligence
  • Expert Witness
  • Patent Writing
  • Battery Market Information
  • Sourcing, Suppliers, Equipment Makers, Materials

Want to Learn More?

Reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss how we may be able to help your project. If you are not ready yet please check out our news section for some of our client's success stories and our free technical content.


See what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our services!

"Doug and the Polaris team have deep technical expertise and experience in electrode processing and cell fabrication that they use to help their clients rapidly advance their businesses. They also work tirelessly to support their clients in a responsive, professional way. Polaris helped Natron Energy develop our first pilot-scale electrode manufacturing processes so that we rapidly grow its business and take our first product into production. We look forward to working with Polaris again."

Testimonials-Colin Wessells

Colin Wessells

CEO, Natron Energy

"Their team has shown a deep knowledge of battery market and technical knowledge and we really appreciated the practical knowledge Polaris brings… it goes beyond academics. Their team-based approach also brings numerous perspectives and offering unique and creative ideas to develop new solutions & solve problems. They were always highly responsive with timely feedback to questions and requests and possessed a good balance of attention to detail with the ability to move quickly towards commercialization."


Tier 1 Material Developer

"These guys have been great! Fast, economical, and extraordinarily helpful. I can recommend them wholeheartedly."

Testimonials-Jeff Arias

Jeff Arias

Sienza Energy

Our Partners

Polaris believes in collaboration among sources and suppliers to get you to your goal faster. Here are some of our trusted partners.

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