We Drive Battery Technology

Helping you develop your materials and cells so you can reach commercialization

We Drive Battery Technology

Helping you develop your materials and cells so you can reach commercialization

Let us be your North Star

You’re looking to develop a battery material or new cell design. Maybe you need to evaluate third-party cells, devise a new cell-building process, or develop equipment for your own lab.

But you either lack the nerd-level cell expertise or just don’t have the capacity to do all the work that will get you where you want to go. (Yes, we did just drop a battery pun in there.)

As battery scientists and engineers, we can navigate you to your destination. We’ll build and test your cells to see how they perform. We’ll engineer processes for your next-generation technologies and offbeat ideas. We’ll be your battery consultants

Basically we’re your experts for designing, building, and testing the materials and cells that will one day make up the batteries powering our world.

And we do it all without taking your IP. So you won’t have to water down your battery technology by incorporating an external stakeholder. Full control stays with you.

Later, we’ll use our powerful network to connect you to the right people for safety and certification testing, manufacturing your cells at scale, and building battery packs.

Along the way, we’ll load you up with all our knowledge. We’re here to drive your discoveries and we’ve got no interest in hiding anything that isn’t confidential. So you benefit from the full weight of our huge brains and our genuine desire to see you succeed.

Choose your customer archetype to learn more about how we can help you  

  • Startup
  • OEM
  • Materials Manufacturer


You’re a small company taking your first bold steps into the world of battery technology. But you can’t just take your material or cell straight to an OEM.

OEMs want to see specific tests and data before they’ll buy your product.

And investors will want to see that your cells are working and cycling.
Bring us on board to help.


Your skillset isn’t the problem: you’ve got the battery scientists, the cell expertise and the lab equipment. But none of them can squeeze more than 24 hours out of a day. 

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to test all the things or deal with all the materials and cells vying for your attention. Shift some of your to-do list onto ours.

Materials Manufacturer

You work in an industry that’s got nothing to do with batteries. But you make a material that might be great in a battery cell. It could be graphite, silicon, or some kind of packaging. 

Pro tip: You can’t sell that battery material straight to an OEM. Unless you come with the right tests and data, they’ll send you away. Or maybe straight to us. Either way, we can help.

Polaris Battery Labs Services

Our services cover the full R&D journey for your materials and cells. But they don’t always happen in isolation. Cell Builds might also involve Process Engineering and maybe a dash of Consulting.

Talk to us and we’ll mix up the right recipe for your project.

Start your journey today

Whether you know exactly what you need, or you’ve never done this before, we’ll plot your route to commercialization.

Here’s what happens
when you bring us aboard:

Polaris Battery Labs FAQ

Here are some common questions we get asked. Hopefully the answers will be helpful for you too. If you’re still unsure about anything, pick up the phone or drop us a line!

We’re quite the experts at mixing and coating electrodes (if we do say so ourselves).

We have a range of equipment available, which allows us to meet the specific challenges of individual chemistries.

We can mix using standard commercial methods, but we also have more creative techniques for dealing with challenging dispersion situations.

Plus, our lab coater is pretty versatile: It can be fully enclosed for moisture controls, and can cope with a very wide range of thicknesses.

We also have other options, including a tabletop coater and a double-side-coating pilot machine.


All you need to know is your destination. We’ll help you figure out what tests and cell builds are likely to get you there.

Whether you’re a battery scientist yourself, or you come from way outside the industry, we’re here to navigate you to commercialization.

Here at Polaris, we’ve worked with:

  • Standard lithium-ion chemistries (LFP, NMC, and LCO to name a few)
  • Next-generation chemistries like lithium-sulfur, lithium-metal, and lithium-silicon
  • A number of sodium-ion and potassium-ion chemistries

We do a safety review for each new material entering the lab and can usually tell you pretty quick if we can help you with your project or not.

We use standard 2032 coin cells as our platform for electrode evaluations, and pouch cells for full cell evaluations. Our Baseline Size is 6 x 400 mm, our Husky Size is 70 x 75 mm, and our Fun Size is 25 x 25 mm. We can also make custom sizes if you need us to.

We keep most of the standard commercial battery-grade materials that we’ll need for your projects in stock. These include separators, electrode ingredients, electrolytes, and packaging materials.

If you’re looking to use more unique materials, we’ll ask you to provide them for our experiments.

Success stories

Science is nothing without proof.
So here are some testimonials from our customers.

“Their team has shown a deep knowledge of the battery market and technical knowledge. We really appreciated the practical knowledge Polaris brings… It goes beyond academics. Their team-based approach also brings numerous perspectives and offers unique and creative ideas to develop new solutions and solve problems. They were always highly responsive with timely feedback to questions and requests and possessed a good balance of attention to detail with the ability to move quickly towards commercialization.”

– Tier 1 Material Developer

“These guys have been great! Fast, economical, and extraordinarily helpful. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.”

– Jeff Arias, Sienza Energy

“Doug and the Polaris team have deep technical expertise and experience in electrode processing and cell fabrication that they use to help their clients rapidly advance their businesses. They also work tirelessly to support their clients in a responsive, professional way. Polaris helped Natron Energy develop our first pilot-scale electrode manufacturing processes so that we could rapidly grow its business and take our first product into production. We look forward to working with Polaris again.”

– Colin Wessells, CEO, Natron Energy

“As we were exploring the viability and potential benefits associated with our new Li-ion related technology, we greatly appreciated the technical depth, collaboration and rapid prototyping/testing capability that the Polaris Team contributed to our efforts.”

– Eric Gaver, New Business Development, GORE

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