Our Partners


Polaris identifies four phases of bringing a product to market:

  • I. Proof-of-concept
  • II. Prototyping
  • III. Toll coating
  • IV. Mass production

Although your project may include only a portion of these stages, we are prepared to equip and guide you through all four phases.

Gold Line Service Starting in the first two phases, we offer our laboratory equipment and materials analysis help so you can build samples, test, and experiment.

Blue Line Service As your product moves through to the third and fourth stages, we offer our expertise and our extensive network of partners and established industry relationships to help you through toll coating and cell assembly, and land you solidly in mass production and product launch.

Black Line Service Our partners and established relationships with industry experts and businesses fill in any remaining gaps, providing a seamless transition through the final phases of bringing your product to market

Learn more about some of our partners by clicking on the logos below…

Polaris has established a partnership with the Freudenberg Group in Germany.

Polaris has established a partnership with Oregon Institute of Technology in Tualatin, Oregon, USA.

Polaris collaborates with Carestream for toll coating small volume runs.

Polaris partners with Oregon State University in research and internships